Why Is My Job Taking Longer Than Expected?

Why Is My Job Taking Longer Than Expected?

You were excited to get your renovation in Huntington or new build Port Washington finished up so you could move back in, but it’s taking longer than expected! What’s going on? There could be a number of issues involved, things that are both in your control and out of your control?

You may have waited until too close to your proposed start date to get the ball rolling on permitting processes. It’s extremely important to do this as soon as possible! If not, the start of your project or different aspects of it could be delayed while permits are processed. Another potential way you can add time to your project is by requesting extra work via change orders. It helps to really have your mind made up about what you want done before your project begins but if adding to the scope happens, be sure to understand that your project may be extended. Are you still living in your house while the work is being done? If your contractor has to work around your schedule in order not to interfere with your daily life too much, this can limit the amount of hours they can put in on your job every day and make things take longer.

So those are some of the ways you may have unwittingly contributed to the job taking longer than expected, but what about circumstances beyond your control? Supply chain issues are still causing issues for many jobs, especially in cases where exotic materials or custom items are being ordered. Even with “off the shelf” items, it pays to order as far in advance as possible. Some parts of your job, like framing, will be completed much more quickly than you think and it can grind the whole project to a halt if you’re waiting for fixtures to be delivered.

The good news about delays is that even though some of them are out of your control, advance planning and decisive choices can go a long way to helping your contractor complete your job within the desired timeframe. Plan ahead! The best time to start doing some research for a project you’re considering is today. And remember, your contractor wants to complete your project as much as you do! These days, patience is especially needed throughout the process.

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