When Should I Supply Selections?

When is it safe to go back into my house after spray foam insulation is applied?

When you think of “energy efficiency” your first thought may be to look up your local solar company in Huntington to try to offset those summer air conditioning bills. But you can greatly increase the efficiency of both your heating and cooling by having a well-insulated house! One great way to do this is by adding additional insulation to your home.

Spray foam is versatile and can be used to seal gaps in your home, like in uninsulated attics and crawl spaces, and provides a number of benefits, including:

• Retention of heat/cold to maintain the interior temperature of your home
• Preventing the intrusion of allergens like pollen
• Providing a barrier against moisture entering the home

So if your home in Port Washington seems a little drafty, spray foam insulation might be a good solution! You should consult with an expert to see which variety of spray foam is the most applicable in your situation.

At this point you may wonder about whether or not spray foam is safe. The answer is yes! However, some precautions are necessary. Spray foam insulation technicians wear protective equipment during installation and it is necessary for the area of installation to be as well ventilated as possible during and after the installation.

It takes a few days for spray foam insulation to fully cure (in other words, to completely harden into a solid barrier) and during this time fumes from the spray foam will be present. These can be hazardous to anyone who inhales significant amounts, so it is advised that homeowners vacate the property and allow it to properly ventilate for a minimum of 24 hours and if possible, up to 72 hours. You’ll want to make sure you have someplace to stay for a day or two while the curing process occurs, so plan ahead! Although this is inconvenient and may incur some additional cost, the benefits are great enough to be worth it in the long run.