When Can You Start?

When Can You Start?

This is a deceivingly simple question, with an answer that’s more multifaceted than you might expect! The shortest answer is, “not until we’ve had a detailed discussion with you.” We’ve taken the time to develop our processes so that we can ensure the best possible experience for all of our clients, to inform you fully of how you can expect a project to proceed.

Our process goes like this:
1. We have an initial meeting, typically over Zoom, to get to know you.
2. We’ll have a follow-up meeting to discuss the anticipated “range” for the project and estimate costs.
a. In order to do this, we’ll need you to supply us with plans/drawings. If you don’t have them, we can also guide you through this step.
3. You decide whether or not to move forward with us. No hard feelings if the answer is “no”! Choosing a contractor for your project is very important and we understand that there are many considerations you’ve got in mind when you’re doing so.
4. If you’re still with us, we’ll get you onboarded into our builder software. We’ll use this software to share Preliminary Specifications with you, and review them with you.
5. After reviewing the Preliminary Specifications with us, you will again be given the opportunity to decide whether to continue moving forward with us for your project. Again, there are no hard feelings if you decide you don’t want to. We welcome any feedback you might have in this event.
6. Finally, if you approve the Preliminary Specifications, it’s time to get the necessary paperwork signed and schedule your build! Once selections are complete and material deliveries are scheduled, we can give you an official start date for your project.

As you can see, there is some work to be done before “the work” can start. But we truly believe that this process is vital to provide our clients with the transparency they deserve so they can make confident choices.

Availability of materials for your project is another factor, as is our current workload. We’ll keep you informed of what’s going on as we move through our preliminary discussions.

Before you even speak with us or any other contractor, there are some steps you should take. You might think you’re ready to get a project started, but are you sure? The biggest potential source of delays is permitting. Do you have the required permits from your town/village? If necessary, have taken care of any variances required? Any reputable contractor will not begin work on a project until the permits are in place, and the process of getting permits can be very lengthy. If you’re considering a contract, it’s the place to start.

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