What Factors Can Affect My Start Date?

What Factors Can Affect My Start Date?

Any reputable contractor will make every reasonable effort to to make your start date “set in stone”. It helps greatly if you begin discussing your project with them well in advance of when you desire work starting. For example, if you’re looking to have renovations completed in time for your annual Manhasset, New York Fourth of July barbecue, start talking to contractors at the beginning of the year! The work itself may not take that long to complete, but outside factors can cause the start date to be pushed back. Under the best of circumstances permits can take a long time to get, and the building departments of most towns and villages in Nassau and Suffolk counties are still dealing with backlogs in the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns.

Material shortages and shipping delays are also a significant challenge and a cause for start-dates being pushed back even under “normal” conditions. The sooner you can place orders for materials, the more likely they’ll arrive in time for a projected start-date. This is especially true if any of the building materials you’ve selected are being imported.

Starting the process early also has another advantage: it gives you the time to speak with multiple contractors to determine who is the best fit for your project and your budget. If you’re operating under a time crunch you may be tempted to just work with the first contractor you speak with, and this is a recipe for potential frustration.

If you’re considering a renovation or new build, and especially if you’re hoping to have it completed within a specific timeframe, don’t delay. Occasionally, forces outside of your (and your contractor’s) control will cause unavoidable setbacks, but by being a little proactive you can likely avoid many of the obstacles that can lead to your desired start-date passing by.