Should I Choose Marvin, Pella, or Andersen Windows?

Should I Choose Marvin, Pella, or Andersen Windows?

Any new home build or renovation comes with a large number of choices for materials and fixtures, and choosing windows can be especially daunting because they need to perform practical functions and contribute to the visual appeal of your home. It’s likely that you’re familiar with three of the most prominent window and door brands in the United States: Marvin, Pella, and Andersen. Is any one of these three brands a clear winner?

The short answer is no. All three brands offer quality products, and each has unique offerings in terms of materials and style. It’s important to keep in mind your objectives for a particular set of windows, that is, in a particular location is it most important for these windows to enhance the beauty of a room/exterior, or do want to prioritize function (control of light and airflow to an interior space). Depending on your material choices for the exterior of your home’s siding and facades you’ll want to go with a brand that has complimentary exterior materials for their windows, especially for any part of the house that’s likely to be very visible. Here are some quick differentiators to set the brands apart in terms of materials and styles offered:

• Andersen offers a wide range of styles including casement, double-hung (with and without grids), bay and bow window styles
• Pella offers materials including vinyl (which does not require painting or staining) and wood composite
• Marvin offers vinyl along with aluminum-clad wood and fiberglass

You may also be very conscious of the energy efficiency of your home and be looking at replacing your windows as a way to improve your insulation. Options for this include low-e glass (which is coated to reflect UV rays) and argon-gas-filled double pane windows which help to prevent the exchange of heat through the windows.

There’s no definitive answer for which brand you should choose, but if you work with your contractor and clearly outline your goals and your budget for window choices, they can help you identify which brand’s offerings can satisfy your needs the best.

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