It’s April and are all ready for the warmer and longer days that are right around the corner. It’s time to make everything fresh again! Even after a mild winter here on Long Island, the greenness of spring is always a welcome change. Here are some things to consider now:

• Turn on hoses and sprinklers: Check that everything is working now instead of when you really need it (on those hot days ahead!)

• Fresh paint: Now that the curtains or blinds are opened, you may want a fresh new color on the walls. Now is the time to hire a painter. They are often booked for a month or more, so get on their list if you need a fresh coat.

• Reseal Doors & Windows:Springtime is the perfect time to replace the seal on your doors and windows, as the caulking can crack and shrink during the colder months. An added bonus: properly sealed windows and doors will keep the cool air in during the summer months, saving you money!

• Entertain Outdoors: A covered cooking area brings the indoors out!Add an amazing looking pergola, an outdoor fireplace and some comfortable seating and you have yourself and gorgeous outdoor seating area to entertain family and friends.

• Build a Studio or Shed: As the weather is warming up, what better time than now to build yourself a studio where you can escape to from the hustle and bustle. Best of all, there is no commute time and this little escape fits perfectly into your backyard.

• Fix what Needs Fixing: Roof leaks, siding that blew off in a wind storm, gutters that weren’t working. Spring is a good time to take care of these small, but important items before they grow to big ones!

The best time to start doing some research for a project you’re considering is today. Don’t forget to call your Contractor early in the process. They know what’s necessary to get a project started and they can help guide you and make suggestions that save time and money.

And remember, your contractor wants to complete your project as much as you do! These days, patience is especially needed throughout the process.

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