It’s Time to Remodel the Bathroom- Now What?

It’s Time to Remodel the Bathroom- Now What?

If your Instagram feed is filled with dreamy bathroom remodels, you might be thinking it's about time to give your own bathroom an overhaul. If you're not sure how to plan for a bathroom, then you've come to the right place.

As with most rooms, it's all about the pre-planning, research and gathering of ideas. Sure, bathrooms can be purely practical rooms in our homes, but these daysbathrooms in Port Washington and Huntington are also being transformed into relaxing retreats where we can pamper ourselves in the comfort of our own home.

After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most important room in the house in terms of resale value, so it’s well worth getting it right. It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it can still have a big impact. While many posts on social media feature gigantic,spa like bathrooms,that may not be realistic for your space. It's best to seek out expert advice sooner rather than later. While it might seem daunting, getting your bathroom layout right from the start will make the difference between an adequate design and one that ticks all your boxes. But don't change a layout just for the sake of it. If it works well for you, keep it. It's a much cheaper option, too, as moving waste and water pipes can be expensive.

To begin the process, forget about how you currently use your bathroom, and instead imagine how you would like to use it. Planning the space for who will be using the room will play a big part in this. Is it to be an en-suite shower room for two? Or a family bathroom that will require a bath and plenty of storage for toys. A spa-style sanctuary will require a long list of specifications and fixtures that could include a bath, separate shower, double sinks, and heaps of storage, while a guest bathroom may just require a shower, small sink, and toilet.

Of course, cost is a factor. Generally, the larger your bathroom, the more expensive your renovation project will be. However, it’s not a totally straightforward calculation, because what matters most isn’t the footprint, it’s the fixtures and finishes that will fill that space —more plumbing fixtures, in the form of sinks, showers, toilets, etc., means greater costs. Here’s how you can think about sizing up your bathroom remodeling project:
• Half bathrooms, or powder rooms , usually have just a sink and a toilet. The typical fixture count for a half bath is 1-2.
• Full bathrooms usually have a sink, toilet, and bathtub or shower. The typical fixture count for a full bath is 3-4.
• Primary bathrooms , also called master bathrooms, usually have a generous vanity area with two sinks, plus a toilet and bathtub or shower. The typical fixture count for a primary bath is 4-5.
• Deluxe primary bathrooms usually have two sinks and an extended vanity, an extra-large shower or a shower and separate bathtub, and a toilet, which may be enclosed separately. The typical fixture count for a deluxe primary bathroom is 5+.

For any size bathroom, a wide range of bathroom fixtures is available, from budget to ultra-luxury. Your style preference, budget, and the space’s size will determine the suite of fixtures needed, including a sink, vanity, faucet, toilet, shower head, bathtub, and accessories. The low end of fixtures for a small bathroom is about $1,500, but some fixtures can run upwards of $15,000!In addition, you may also need to allocate some extra money to practical elements. You might need a larger water tank if you are planning a rainfall shower, increased ventilation if you’re considering a steam shower, you have your heart set on a cool glass enclosure, and don’t forget good lighting.Since most people use tile in the bathroom, keep in mind there is a big variable in the cost.

As always, call your general contractor early in the planning process. Projects are taking longer to complete than in the past due to continued material and labor shortages. It’s a good idea to visit local bathroom showrooms and check out Pinterest, Houzz, and social media sites for ideas –they are great sources of information and advice and will save you time and money in the long run as you make your bathroom renovation a reality!

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