How much does it cost to Drywall (or Sheetrock) on Long Island, NY?

How much does it cost to Drywall (or Sheetrock) on Long Island, NY?

If you’re wondering how much it would cost to drywall and spackle your entire house,you’re in the right place! Here you will learn some interesting facts about drywall and how much it costs to take your unfinished wallsand get them to a paint-ready surface!

Most of us in Nassau and Suffolk counties know gypsum board as “Sheetrock”, the most common name. Butthe actual name is called drywall. FYI, Gypsum is a natural mineral that is plentiful!The states producing the most gypsum are Oklahoma, Iowa, Nevada, Texas, and California. Together, these states account for about two-thirds of the United States' annual production of gypsum.

Some interesting facts about drywall: It was invented in 1916 as a dry alternative to plaster though it would be 25 years before it was widely accepted as a proper building material. Homes and buildings constructed using drywall could be completed in one/tenth of the time versus using plaster. Plaster has a long drying time and must be applied in layers after each layer thoroughly dries. With World War 2 and the depletion of the workforce due to the war effort, the need for a material requiring a decreased workforce arose. The material was of course drywall. Drywall could be easily transported and required fewer skilled laborers to install. Homes and businesses could be erected more quickly with fewer people. This new way of building in mass became increasingly desired as it was viewed as patriotic.

How much does it cost to Sheetrock, spackle and tape on Long Island, NY? It’s typical to figure out cost on a “per board” basis. Boards come in different sizes; 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’ and even 4’ x 12’ are the most common. The typical cost to sheetrock and get walls paint ready using 4’ x 10’ is $80- $90 per board. Foer example, to drywall a 2,00 square foot home it will take about 200 boards so you can expect your total cost to get to paint ready walls to be about $16,000- $18,000. Once drywall is up, the seams are taped and spackled. We start with covering all of the screw holes and joints with compound, otherwise known as spackle. Several coats of compound are applied to give the joints a smooth finish and ready for painting!

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