How Will My House Be Protected if I Move Out During the Job?

How Will My House Be Protected if I Move Out During the Job?

As mentioned in previous blogs, it may be advisable based on the scale of work being performed on your home for you and your family to move out while the project is in progress. Not needing to coordinate work schedules around the rhythms of your family’s life eliminates a lot of delays and can allow work crews to start bright and early every day to maximize the amount of work that gets completed every day.

But this raises the question: How is your house going to be kept safe while you’re away? It’s a reasonable concern, the natural instinct is to want to keep an eye on things when a bunch of unfamiliar people are going to be in your house. A reputable contractor can take a number of steps to ensure the safety of your home while you’re out of it, including:

• Temporarily installing security cameras to monitor the property while work is being performed (and during off-hours when the house is vacant)
• Having a named individual who is accountable for overseeing the project and any subcontractors involved, who is expected to be onsite for each working day, and who the you can be in touch with if needed
• Keeping you in the loop regarding the progress of the project and letting you know when particular subcontractors are expected to be working in your home
• Protecting the interior of the house from dust and debris, and incidental damage by utilizing drop cloths, plastic sheeting, and other methods to keep any mess from construction contained to the area being worked on

Entrusting your home’s safety to someone is no small consideration, so it pays to do your due diligence before you agree to work with someone if it’s likely that you’ll be moving out of your house for the duration of the job. If references are available, see if you can find anyone that can speak specifically about how their house was handled if they moved out during the job. And as one last piece of advice, it doesn’t hurt to ask the neighbors to keep an eye out, this is one of the times having a nosy neighbor isn’t so bad!