How Much Will It Cost to Insulate And Spray Foam My House on Long Island, New York?

How Much Will It Cost to Insulate And Spray Foam My House on Long Island, New York?

More and more homes on Long Island, New York that are being renovated or newly built are calling for spray foam insulation. While the cost to spray foam is more than typical fiberglass or batt insulation, there are many benefits and savings to doing so.

First, when can you spray foam? Spray foaming takes place when sheetrock is down or if basement or attic spaces are unfinished. To start, all surrounding surfaces that won’t get spray foamed are protected.Insulators are careful to spray only those areas needing insulation but they have ways of getting into even the hardest to reach places.

What type of spray foam is used? In roof rafters, open cell spray foam, which expands a lot, is used to be sure all tough to reach spots are hit. And it creates a thick, air tight barrier.On walls, we achieve an “R Value”, or insulation value, by using closed cell spray foam which is four times denser than open cell foam. It’s thinner when applied but can achieve a very high R Value.

What will this cost? The cost to spray foam a house on Long Island, New York is more than fiberglass or batt insulation. Spray foam can range anywhere from 15K to 40K or more depending on the size of the home and the scope of work. Here’s a breakdown and comparison of the two:
For a 2,000 Square Foot Home...
Fiberglass (batt) Insulation = About 4k-6k
ADD ~5k to the fiberglass insulation number if you decide to open cell spray foam your attic.
Spray Foam Insulation = About 15k-20k

For a 4,000 Square Foot Home...
Fiberglass (batt) Insulation = About 10k-12k
Spray Foam Insulation = About 35k-40k

In summary, spray foam will last the lifetime of your home and preventair and moisture intrusion which is really great on our damp island! But best of all, by spray foaming and having efficient windows installed, you can reduce your energy usage by 40-70%! We all know that utilities in Nassau and Suffolk counties are higher than mostly anywhere else in the country.

Check out our You Tube video https://youtu.be/A23sq55r_20 for more information and to get up close!

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