How Much Does It Cost to Put Real Stone or Stone Veneer on My House on Long Island, NY?

How Much Does It Cost to Put Real Stone or Stone Veneer on My House on Long Island, NY?

In this blog, you'll learn about the steps and costs involved in putting real stone veneer on your home. We will cover everything from preparation to real cost examples andwilldiscuss five factors to consider when installing real stone veneer.

Step 1: Install The Galvanized Wire Lath
• The first step involves installing galvanized wire lath, which serves as the base for the scratch coat of cement that the stone veneer will adhere to.

Step 2: Layout
• We lay out the stone on the ground to plan the pattern, ensuring a spread-out, variable color scheme. This creates variety and contrast for a natural appearance.

Step 3: Scratch Coat
• Next is installing the cement scratch coat, which provides the foundation for the wall. It's called a scratch coat because we rake the applied cement to create a textured surface for the stone to bond to.

Step 4: Apply The Stone
• This involves applying the stone with mortar.

Step 5: Grout
• After applying the stone, we can mix up the grout and apply it to complete the project.

Real Natural Stone Veneer Cost:
• The cost of real natural stone veneer can range from $40 to $50 per square foot, depending on the size and scope of the project. For a typical 250 square feet chimney, the cost would be approximately $10,000 to $12,500.

Real Cost Example (With Breakdown):
A real example provides a breakdown of costs for applying real Mosaic natural stone veneer on a 250 square feet chimney.

The labor costs, including scaffolding, wire, lath, scratch coat, and stone veneer installation, came to $6,000 ($24 a square Foot).
The material for the corners on the housewas $3,400 ($24.28 a lineal foot)
Mosaic real Stone material cost $2,800 ($18.67 square feet)
The total cost was $12,200 or $48.80 per square foot.

5 Factors That Affect Real Stone Veneer Cost:
1. Quality of the Stone: High-quality stone veneers are more expensive due to factors like the type of stone, its origin, and the manufacturing process.
2. Size and Complexity of the Project: Larger and more complex projects require more materials and labor, making them costlier.
3. Labor Costs: The cost of skilled labor varies by region and complexity of the installation, with professional installers charging higher rates.
4. Preparation and Installation Materials: Costs for materials like mortar, metal lath, and weather-resistant barriers can affect the overall expense.
5. Transportation and Delivery: The cost of transporting the stone from the supplier to the project site can add to the overall cost, particularly for larger projects or when the supplier is located far from the site. Special delivery methods may also incur additional costs.

This information provided an overview of the steps and factors to consider when installing real stone veneer and offers insight into the associated costs.

For more information check out our You Tube Video: Real Stone Veneer Cost: Everything You Need to Know https://youtu.be/OnJeU8aZkxM?feature=shared

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